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Download: KJs - "Klang"

From the cold North (of England, that is) comes a deconstructed zouk bass bomb.

Portugal's Enchufada label—run by João Barbosa from Buraka Som Sistema (better known as Branko) and his friend  (also named João)—are giving away a ton of free music from the rising stars of tropical bass. This bi-weekly drop is called Upper Cuts. It's time for Season 2 and we're proud to partner with the dudes in releasing these big bad riddims into the world. Shake something!

The final installment of Round 2 of Upper Cuts comes from an unlikely place: cold Northern England. KJs is a DJ/production trio from Manchester deeply steeped in tropical bass sounds and "Klang" finds them experimenting with the 90BPM Zouk bass vibe. The result is a kind of bizarre carnivale of Latin drums and Dutch house-style zips and pops that eventually achieves a loping rhythm all its own. This one is guaranteed to make limbs do funny things on the dancefloor—an interestingly deconstructed take on the festival banger redesigned for equatorial bump 'n' grind. Vai vai vai!

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