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SALVA Drops Ten Topical Edits for the Discerning Hip-Hop Enthusiast

Featuring Pusha T, Rae Sremmurd, shameless DM slides, and more.

The fundamental flaw facing ninety percent of all hip-hop remixes is that they're made for the wrong sort of listener. Purpose built for people who think Kreayshawn is edgy, they strive for Hypem Tweets and Facebook Snaps rather than purpose and complexity. They're the reason that tropical house flips of NWA's "Fuck Tha Police" exist and they're the reason that we cringe every time we hear about a "dank future bass remix" of ILOVEMAKKONNEN's "Tuesday." Thankfully, some producers care a little bit more. Producers like SALVA.


Ever since his now notorious collaborative remix of Kanye West's "Mercy" with RL Grime (and a little bit earlier if you were paying attention), SALVA has been breathing new life into the best hip-hop tracks of the time. Equally proficient as an original producer, his production credits include A$AP Ferg, Foreign Beggars, Freddie Gibbs, and Schoolboy Q.

Not to be outdone by the shadow of his former self, SALVA just released a pack of ten new edits that will remind you how in tune he really is. If you're familiar with the memification of hip-hop, you'll recognize the source material as a who's who of hashtags, fire mixtapes, and DM slides. Stream it below and catch SALVA on his eight-stop Peacemaker Tour this February.

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