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Amoeba Records to Open a Weed Dispensary in Its Berkeley Location

The store will convert its jazz room to the Berkeley Compassionate Care Collective.
Photo courtesy of Wikipedia Commons

World famous record store Amoeba Music has officially received a license to sell medical marijuana from the Berkeley City Council. Formally approved last week, its dispensary will be called the Berkeley Compassionate Care Collective and set up shop where the store's jazz section is currently located, reports the East Bay Express.

It remains unclear when the dispensary will actually start dispensing weed, though. The next step for the operation is applying for building permits from the city's Department of Planning and Development, and the Express reports that this could take "a minimum of several months." BCCC employee Debby Goldsberry posted about the news on Facebook, and responded to an inquiry about membership by saying that the operation will "start taking applications on the first day we open."

If you live in the Bay Area, now might be a good time to study up on why weed and music go so well together. Or, alternatively, you might want to look into why smoking weed in a nightclub sucks.

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