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Electric Treasure Will Steal Your Heart (Among Other Things) in Their Video for "Boneshaker"

Introducing your new musical addiction and a music video, to boot.
February 5, 2015, 11:30pm

Electric Treasure is the brainchild of Mateo Roksandic and Josh Demers?two clever friends from South Detroit, who radiate Ray Bans and bucket hats. Their style of music is rooted in the synth-based funk that although shapes itself as contemporary dance music, still emits an old school vibe that would likely get MILF's moving, too.

"Boneshaker" is a track off their debut self-titled EP, Electric Treasure with POPGANG Records.


The video follows a couple of young rebels who rob a convenience store, hoping that the fast cash will solve their financial woes. Sporting the finest of Dollar Store masks, the duo use their fresh dough to buy the only reasonable thing that dirty money should buy?booze. The rest is a swirling purple haze of club lights, pretty girls, and a performance by Electric Treasure themselves.

The two make an acting cameo in the video as the ill-fated convenience store clerk and accidental witness?but we think they should probably stick with music.

Video produced by: Liquid Wild.

Electric Treasure is on Facebook // Soundcloud