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Catch Feelings to The xx’s New Song “Say Something Loving”

With third album “I See You” coming soon, the track continues to tease the band’s new, broader sound.
Lauren O'Neill
London, GB

After years of relative radio silence, it looks as though The xx are marching into 2017 all guns blazing. With their third full length I See You announced for release on January 13, the band shared the first single "On Hold" in November. And now, on only the second day of a year that is already looking more optimistic than the last, they have released another new song, "Say Something Loving" – but not before teasing fans with a video of Romy and Oliver singing the track at karaoke in Tokyo, because of course if there's any way that The xx like to spend their downtime, it's by going to karaoke in Tokyo (however, props to them also because doing karaoke to your own song is a very baller move). In the same way as "On Hold", the track signals a new sound that's broader and more vibrant than anything The xx have done in the past; carried by a heartfelt vocal exchange and a soaring instrumental, it'll surely have you sobbing into your Bank Holiday brunch. Listen to "Say Something Loving" and watch the karaoke video below: