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Ones and Zeros: Google North Korea, Fake Women and Twitter-Cockroach Cyborgs

Our weekly roundup of the good, the bad and the weird on this here internet.
IMAGE: Superhero #100

ONE: The many affairs of Zeus

There's certain benefitis to being god of gods, a concept Zeus was clearly privy to. This interactive map charts his massive web of lovers and offspring, a resume of escapades that would make even Bob Marley blush. But maybe not Genghis Khan.

ZERO: Sucks to be this guy

Shaker Aamer (pictured with his two children), who was ordered to be released by both the Bush and Obama administrations but who remains at Guantanamo, over a decade since he was captured, where he is, his laywer says, “falling apart at the seams.”

ONE: A superhero a day

Most people bore us with promises to lose weight or quit cigarettes or use Facebook less this time of year. Pixar animator Everett Downing, finding himself in a bit of a creative slump, decided to create a brand new superhero everyday. Like most new year's resolutions, it didn't quite work out. After three years, he's only on #294.


ONE: On a French hillside, Space Invaders

Crop circles lost their wow factor a while ago, but geometric snow artist Simon Beck keeps things fresh.

ONE: A local San Francisco ISP wants to launch its own satellite

Why not, if North Korea can do it? And if the geostationary satellite doesn't quite work out, they promise to spend the $325 million they're trying to raise on Indiegogo on an ultrafast fiber-to-your-home network. But with 47 days left, they're only at $10,261.

ZERO: Ben Bernanke's computer models

The central bank uses computer-modeling programs called Ferbus, Edo and Sigma to help determine its interest rate targets and how much money it will print. Except these models are deeply flawed.

ZERO: Private security drones have arrived

A Japanese company is marketing the "world's first autonomous private drone for security use." For $58 a month, you get a customized Ascending Technologies quadrotor that can detect intrusions and film break-ins as they happen.

ONE: Control this cyborg cockroach on Twitter

The insect Twitter slave accepts instructions like “#TweetRoachLeft” #TweetRoachRight” every 30 seconds via @TweetRoach.

ZERO: The US is pissed Eric Schmidt is going to North Korea

Because they're not sure why he's going and neither do we (although his Mobile World Congress speech is a must watch). In any case, he might not be going after all.

ZERO: Nancy Pelosi's office photoshopped more women into its photo

Left: undoctored AP photo. Right: Post-photoshop