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It's Art: Wax Sculpture of Conjoined, Nude Brangelina Hits eBay

The work is currently on the auction block for no less than £10,000 ($12,200).

This article contains adult content.

Every now and then, The Creators Project comes across an artwork that surprises and delights us every bit as much as it confuses us and otherwise has us begging for answers. This is art that defies conventions, challenges sensibilities, and breaks down barriers between comprehension and critique. You might like it—you might not "get it." But we do. Take a deep breath, and before you read this, remember: it's art.


In the wake of Brad and Angelina's headline-breaking divorce, one artist is splitting up with a colorful ode to their relationship: a hyperrealistic wax sculpture of the celebrity couple, three-legged, nude, and joined at the hip.

"Commemorate the iconic celebrity uncoupling with this unique Waxwork Sculpture," reads the description, where UK eBay user Barneymarco is auctioning off this piece. According to the listing, Brangelina Memorial Nude Waxwork Sculpture was formed from mannequin-grade wax, glass eyes, and real human hair. It comes a height of 103 centimeters (3.37'), which the artist describes as "Over half life sized."

Barneymarco says that the sculpture will only be sold if bidding reaches £10,000 ($12,200) but it currently remains at the opening bid of £3,500 ($4,275). The artist lists the work's date of creation as "1990-Now," which, if true, is awfully prophetic (Pitt and Jolie are said to have fallen in love on the set of Mr. & Mrs. Smith, a film shot in 2004). Additionally, the artist offers the description, "She holds her finger to her lips, he crosses his fingers behind his back."








As of now, you can be the first to bid on the Brangelina Memorial Nude Waxwork Sculpture. The auction ends tomorrow, October 15, 2016.

Via Metro, Reddit


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