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Journey from Birth to Death in a Gorgeous 3D Music Video

A being travels from the womb to death’s void in Quentin Deronzier’s mesmerizing music video for Jerry Folk’s “Kids."
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Conception and death are terra incognita as far as consciousness is concerned, but French visual artist Quentin Deronzier explores life’s bookends, and the space and time in between, in his new music video for Jerry Folk’s “Kids.”

In Deronzier’s video, a being hangs suspended in an iridescent amniotic sac of epic proportions. The being seems to be made of a material that reflects its surroundings. After seeing itself reflected in some sort of mirror, it begins the journey.


As in real life, Deronzier seems to be suggesting that just as we begin to become and understand ourselves, we realize that we are hurtling through time and space towards our inevitable demise. That this time is incredibly fleeting, but no less beautiful and astounding because of it.

Jerry Folk - Kids (Official Music Video) from Quentin Deronzier on Vimeo.

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