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Jurassic Park: Now, with Dinosaurs in High Heels

Running in heels is probably extra hard when you're a car-sized prehistoric man-eater.

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Humans and dinosaurs struggle to find their legs in the new high-heeled reimagination of the Jurassic Park series. Zebra print, cheetah print, latex and leather heels, heels of all shapes and sizes are “footwear sixty-five million years in the making,” YouTube parodists, XVP Comedy, proclaim in Jurassic Park: High Heels Edition. Box office-breaking Jurassic World has been hit with a lot of criticism since its release surrounding the portrayal of Bryce Dallas Howard’s character, who is repeatedly shot running away from deranged dinos in high heels. The YouTubers responded by remastering footage from the original franchise to even the playing field, placing all its characters in fabulous women’s footwear.


Experience “Non stop heels” in this new "dvd box set," above, and for your ogling pleasure, here's Jeff Goldblum sporting some red go-go boots:

Or this Spinosaurus in pink ankle tie heels.

Apatasaurus? More like Fabasaurus!

Even the mosqito gets tiny pumps.

Tyrannasaurus SEX.

Check out more of XVP's work on YouTube.

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