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Trip Inside H.R. Giger's World in VR

The late, great Swiss painter’s works get the virtual reality treatment.
Screencap via author

The dark beauty of H. R. Giger’s surreal biomechanical paintings was in his ability to blur the lines between the real and the unreal with his peculiar brand of fantastic realism. With a painting like Necronom IV (the basis for the Alien xenomorph), for instance, Giger created a subject that had the body of a human, but one morphing into something. So it makes some sense Giger’s works of nightmarish imagination would get a virtual reality exhibition, where his fantastic realism gets another dose of the unreal when filtered through VR.


Created by Fguillotine, H.R. Giger Virtual Gallery brings viewers into what looks like Giger’s home office, with a suitably eerie electronic soundtrack. Then viewers drift through a set of doors into a futuristic post-industrial landscape, where various Giger works are hung. Sure, the virtual Giger experience won’t ever be as great as the real thing, but it’s likely that the master of nightmarish surrealism would appreciate the atmosphere.

Click here to download H.R. Giger Virtual Gallery on WEARVR.


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