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Dalí Meets Dr. Seuss (Again) in Sneaks' Animated Music Video

Dive into the surreal world of Jamie Wolfe’s loop animations for D.C alt-rock group Sneaks’ new single, "Tough Luck."
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Dr. Seuss-style characters melt and morph into one another in a new music video for the D.C-based alt-rock band Sneaks. Animator and graphic designer Jamie Wolfe produced simple, stylized loop animations for the group’s upbeat new single, "Tough Luck." Budding flowers bloom to the point of implosion and limp abstract figures dance in time with the song’s four on the floor rhythm. The character’s jerky movements resemble the rag-tag gestures in old Disney animations and sync up nicely with the song’s bright and buoyant tone.


While it's little like Dalí and Disney's actual short film, it's a lot like what might happen if the former's Don Quixote works spent an evening with the Alice in Wonderland film's caterpillar.

Wolfe stayed in Los Angeles after getting her MFA in experimental animation at CALarts. The artist says the bulk of her work is first hand drawn with Sumi ink and then colored digitally, which is fitting, as the outlines of the animated objects in "Tough Luck" have a vague resemblance to east Asian ink wash paintings. Check out the video below:

Sneaks - Tough Luck (Official Music Video) from Jamie Wolfe on Vimeo.

"Tough Luck" is a single off Sneaks’ Gymnastics LP, released this September on Merge Records. Check it out on Sneaks’ Bandcamp, and be sure to check out more works by animator Jamie Wolfe on her blog.


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