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"Photoshop In Real Life" Takes Photo Manipulation Literally

The photo series by Flora Borsi considers what retouching might be like IRL.

The times, they are a-changin': Photoshop, once the go-to technology for everything from retouching to reality-bending, has seen some hard times as of late. Finding itself at the butt-end of backlash, parodies, and even its own South Park episode, whatever your position on the image manipulation issue may be, the conflict sure makes for some great conversation pieces.

20-year old Hungarian-born photo-wunderkind Flora Borsi is one such artist paving her own way at these crossroads. Her work, which ranges from heavily-manipulated to relatively un-retouched, presents a young artist with a promising eye for decisive moments, and a penchant for the surreal. One such photoset, entitled Photoshop in Real Life, is just the kind of image series that has us reconsidering our positions on the matter at hand. Featuring highly-literal reinterpretations of the technology's most time-honored tools, it's a humorous peek into either the digital world going IRL, or how we might one day end up sculpting our own avatars:


For more often-hilarious, always eye-catching work from Flóra Borsi, check out her website and her page on Behance.


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