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Short Film Takes You Beyond the Facades of 'Perfect Homes'

Cinematographer Nils Clauss takes you inside the hyper-detailed architectural sculptures of South Korean artist Do Ho Suh.
Screencaps and GIFs by the author, via, © Do Ho Suh

Scattered throughout galleries across the globe, failed marine biologist (and multitalented South Korean artist) Do Ho Suh's abstract architectural models meet in all their ephemerality in cinematographer Nils Clauss’ film, Do Ho Suh. Perfect Home. Clauss takes his viewer back to a visual past and inside the artist’s previous show at the 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art in Kanazawa, Japan, which showcased an impressive collection of the artist's most iconic architectural sculptures. As the cinematographer's camera pans beneath Suh’s seafoam silk Seoul Home, zooms in on the miniaturized destruction of Fallen Star 1/5, and steps inside the pastel halls of The Perfect Home II, Clauss reveals the artist's subtle biographical details—many of the works recreate houses and buildings from Do Ho Suh's past, including his childhood home—along with the stylistic and structural nuances of each of the immersive spaces.


Take in some of the dreamy scenes from Clauss' filmic feature on the iconoclastic South Korean artist, and watch the film in its entirety, below:

© Do Ho Suh

© Do Ho Suh

© Do Ho Suh


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