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Chloë Sevigny Has 'No Time For Love'

The Golden Globe award-winning actress turns past relationships into a zine.
Images courtesy of Innen

Where you might breakup with your significant other and burn all their letters and rip up their photos, Chloë Sevigny makes past heartbreaks into a collection of art and publishes it as a zine. No Time For Love contains intimate photos of Chloe with exes faces buffered and covered by cartoon stickers. Here we see her off-screen and in real life situations, photo booth makeouts, and candid snuggle sessions. The zine pays homage to the 90s confessional through stapled centerfolds of the past. It’s even a bit sensational, with gossip column snippets placed alongside personal photographs, but with a personal tone of playful invitation. Published by Innen, an independent publisher dedicated to promoting Hungarian and international contemporary artists, No Time for Love is available for a limited run of 1,000 editions and launches just in time for the Art Book Fair Basel. For 11 Euros, you get 28 pages of big love.


No Time for Love is available from Innen on June 17th.


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