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Artist Sculpts Sneakers into Beetles, Butterflies, and Skulls

Phil Robson (aka FILFURY) transforms Nike and Adidas into digital sculptures.
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British artist, designer, commercial director, and self-described "sneaker freaker" Phil Robson (aka FILFURY) makes crisp sneakers into sneaker art. Using a combination of digital tools, Robson turns Nikes, Adidas, and more into bugs, butterflies, beetles, bats, and skulls, each composited from a single transformed, mirrored, and digitally-resculpted pair of shoes. He calls it "repurposing" the objects—which might be his favorite, considering that he named both of his sons after Nikes, and at one point owned over 100 pairs which would come to serve as his inspiration.


"I start with the question, 'wouldn’t it be cool if…'" he tells Quartz of his process. "I then look for reference pictures of the new object online. I take photographs of the shoe from several angles then jump into digitally painting the pieces together." Whether its their colors, textures, or silhouettes, Robson simply explains, “I get inspired by the form of the shoe."

Check out Phil Robson's custom creations below, and follow him on Instagram to keep up with his sneaker art:

Adidas Battle Beetles by FILFURY


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