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Dancehall Animations Shake It to Ragga Music

These animations are definitely better dancers than you are.

A basketball court dotted with graffiti. A shiny convertible. Someone banging drumsticks on buckets, and one epic danceoff. It may be deepest winter, but this minimalist animation will make you feel like it's the heart of summer block party season.

In Freeda Tropi Fafa, ragga music is the soundtrack to a colorful world where nothing matters but how high your hydraulics can bounce and how fast you can shake your ass. The animation was created by French artist Titouan Bordeau. It looks like it could have been made by a particularly adept Microsoft Paint user, but that doesn’t take away from its minimalist charm. It’s the little touches, like the green-eyed tiger hanging out with a dude blowing smoke of the same color, that make this light-hearted music video so fun.


Have you ever seen so much cartoon twerking in one place?

For more of Titouan Bordeau's work, click here.


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