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Retro-Future Robots Populate These Detailed Sci-Fi Paintings

Explore the weird, wired world of Simon Stalenhag's dystopian paintings.
August 27, 2014, 5:30pm

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Through each of his distinctive, future tech-infused paintings, Swedish sci-fi concept artist and painter Simon Stalenhag creates vivid, semi-dystopian worlds wherein realistic retro-robotic designs blend seamlessly with classic cars, playing children, and woodland creatures. They're not just images, either: to accompany the moments he captures, which range from serene nature nature shots decorated with empty robotic shells to massive mechanical behemoths surrounded by familiar human police officers, Stalenhag has created an elaborate backstory. Last year in Wired, Stalenhag translated a fictional magazine article he wrote that details the beginnings of a feature narrative:


Since the 1950s, the government has been running a huge particle collider and research facility a couple of miles outside of Stockholm. The facility is located underground and features a lot of experimental technology. All through the ’50s, ’60s, and ’70s, everything goes splendidly, but just like with the Swedish welfare state during that time, the system starts to erode. And bad things follow. The images on my website chronicle the lives of the people of that world and how they are affected by the downfall of that behemoth science project. We don’t know yet how it will end.

Stalenhag's latest set of images detail the development of this world, depicting both conflicting and peaceful adjustments to this new order. Enjoy some of our favorite selections from Stalenhag's newest work below:

Find the entire series on Stalenhag's website here.

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