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These Digital Mutant Portraits Are Tripping Us Out

Lee Griggs' latest series of 3D-rendered art looks like gorgeous cross between H.R. Giger and Alex Grey.

Lee Griggs, whose macroscopic 3D topographies we covered a while back, is the master of abstract portraits. And the set rendered with Arnold for Maya doesn't disappoint. The series includes a variety of a psychedelic (and, admittedly, a bit terrifying) faces that look like the digital lovechild of H.R. Giger and Alex Grey.

The lack of descriptions on the Spanish artist's Behance page only adds to the creatures' peculiarity. To be clear: we think the artworks are gorgeous, but these characters could appear in a horror movie set in some surreal, parallel universe without question. We hope to see the day where Ridley Scott or Wes Craven take note of Grigg's skill—Halloween might never be the same again.


Take a look at the work below, and head over to Griggs' Behance page for more of his awesome creativity.


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