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See China's Air Pollution as Robotic Origami

Artist Jiayu Liu's latest installation turns complicated data into mesmerizing movement and light.
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Shapes shift and colors blend across the rows of literal robotic wallflowers comprising Under the Dome – PMGami. On exhibition now in Hong Kong, the work was created by Jiayu Liu—the young artist behind this real-time light show of China’s wind-data—and comments on issues of air pollution. The installation's main components were inspired by the star-like shapes of certain bauhinia blooms and independently open, close, and fade from pink into green, from blue into purple, an array of floral gauges for air quality. To foster this illusion, Liu feeds the flowers with various data on haze, smog, and other emissions, translating obscure numbers and equations into a visual language accessible to all.


Below, see air quality in action through Under the Dome – PMGami.

Big data and art converge in the first installment of our Reform video series, Data Becomes Art In Immersive Visualizations:

See more of Jiayu’s work on her website.


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