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An LED Waterfall Roars to Life in Taipei

Teamlab creates an interactive LED sculpture at the CTBC Financial Park.
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Dynamic, hued landscapes controlled by different factors, like viewers' movements, or the temperature outside, emerge in "ultra-technologists group" teamLab's magnificent interactive art installation at the CTBC Financial Park in Taipei. In a video released on their YouTube channel yesterday, the towering LED sculpture in the shape of ChinaTrust’s “Double-C Logo” cycles through a collection of visuals, including long strings of neon blue water with the consistency of angel hair trickling down a giant screen wall. The waterfall cascades down through a tall cherry blossom bonsai tree and onto a stage of glass panels, warping around the viewer's stance. “Everything is connected in a cycle, but no events are ever repeated in exactly the same way,” teamLab explains in Circulum Formosa's video description, channeling the complexity of the natural forces the piece imitates.


The installation’s visuals are accompanied by sounds of running water and the ambient sounds of the outdoors. TeamLab has transformed the bank’s lobby into a surreal environment through a responsive interactive clash of audio and visual stimulation. On their website, the group explains their goals for the future: "We create works through ‘experimentation and innovation’ making the borders between Art, Science, and Technology, more ambiguous.” In this way, Circulum Formosa is the team’s latest expression of this ideal.

Click here to visit teamLab's website.


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