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Celebrate National Hot Dog Day with Meaty Renaissance GIFs

Have your yearly dose of meat sticks, courtesy Scorpion Dagger.
Images via Scorpion Dagger

It's National Hot Dog day, so it's only natural that we showcase the work of beef frank enthusiast and GIF artist James Kerr, a.k.a. Scorpion Dagger. His Renaissance painting remixes often star hot dogs in various states of sentience, from the ethcially eatable, to the recurring hot dog suit, to what appears to be a fully actualized hot dog man. He took a small break beginning in November of last year to focus on his book, which you can read about here, as well as other projects. Now that he's back in full force, celebrate Scorpion Dagger's return—and National Hot Dog Day—at the same damn time in the GIFs below.


See more of Scorpion Dagger's work on his website.


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