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It's the Moon, and It's in Your Room

Enjoy the beauty of Luna without even going outside.
Images: IndieGogo

When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie, you may actually be salivating over Luna, a gorgeous lantern shaped and textured just like Earth's celestial companion. The latex and fiberglass design comes in sizes as small as a softball and large as a bike wheel, and if the pictures are any indication, it's durable enough to withstand the inevitable onslaught of children who will stare with wonder at its elegance… then do everything in their power to destroy it.


A warning to science buffs: this lamp isn't 100% accurate. Luna's warm yellow glow comes from a halogen light bulb in its center (or an LED, rather than being reflected from the sun), and the team points out on their IndieGogo page that, "Luna is an artwork inspired by the moon, and it doesn't aim at being topographically accurate. It has its own artistic interpretation."

The smallest Luna is 3.2" in diameter and starts at $75. The largest, a 23.6" behemoth, is going for $875, and these prices are labled as 20% off retail price, so pick your price range and act fast. Acorn Studio projects shipments of Luna will go out by May, 2016. See Luna in action in the images below.

Learn more about Luna on IndieGogo.

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