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Viral Style: Marc Jacobs Dresses A Hologram Plus Vine Lookbooks

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April 12, 2013, 10:26am

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After the s collection, we'd pretty much figured we'd seen it all when it comes to celebrity/fashion collaborations. However, this week Louis Vuitton revealed that their creative director Marc Jacobs has designed outfits (above) for one of Japan's biggest pop stars Hatsune Miku, who also happens to be a hologram. Having conquered Japan with frenzied sold-out stadium shows, green haired Miku is now evolving her live performances into a new opera stage show, for which Marc Jacobs will be ‘dressing’ her for in four virtual looks from LV’s graphic S/S13 collection. If this is the sign of things to come then it might be time for Donatella Versace to make that call re. the Tupac hologram.



OK, so sending self-destructing pics via Snapchat was fun for a while, but it feels like everyone is moving over to Vine now, the Twitter-made app that allows you to make short looping videos on a shareable social media platform—kinda like a GIF instagram. We’re always psyched to see fashion brands adopting new digital platforms (remember the augmented reality and 360 degree streams at London Collections Men?). So we were excited to see French concept label Andrea Crews picking up on Vine as a means to showcase their A/W13 Virtus Forma collection with a series of six-second videos highlighting different looks at various angles. Fittingly, the designs themselves are only available to buy online. Check out the vids here, here, and here.


We’ve all been there. You get up in the morning, totally ready to whip out your iPad at your nearest coffee shop or on the subway to work—but it’s just too embarrassing to take out. That tacky Apple own-brand case has got to go. Luckily, new London-based bag brand New Ultra Group offer a variety of cases to suit, with moulded carry handles and leather looks that range from embossed to holographic to matte black. Mesh panel bags are also available in monochrome designs. The label have just launched their e-store too, so you won’t have any excuse not to get a new style sync.


In case you haven’t heard, amongst other rumors currently circulating about Apple is that they are planning on launching their first ever television, the iTV—but tbh, we’re more excited by the rumor of the TVs accompanying digital iRing controller. The story has surfaced after industry analyst Brian White hinted to AppleInsider about a product that will “revolutionise the TV experience forever”, following a meeting he had with Apple suppliers in China and Taiwan. It’s said that the iRing would function as a “navigation pointer”, using motion detection technology to work a small screen that also incorporates phone, security, and video conferencing capabilities. As cool and futuristic as the ring looks, the idea of flipping your TV off every time you want to change channel sounds kinda fun too.

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