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World's First Portable Vinyl Factory Presses Thurston Moore and Mica Levi Records

The two musicians are set perform at Christian Marclay's White Cube Gallery exhibition.
February 4, 2015, 5:00pm
Images courtesy the White Cube Gallery 

The White Cube Gallery in Bermondsey, London is hosting Christian Marclay's new exhibition, a series of constantly-changing live musical performances with an industrial twist: each show will being recorded onto vinyl using the world's first portable vinyl press.

Like his famous 24-hour film, Clock (2010), Marclay's exhibit continues his ongoing exploration of sight and sound. Accompanying the minature vinyl factory and performances by Thurston Moore on Sunday, February 8, and Mica Levi on Sunday, February 15, are a series of 12 short films of objects, including glasses, issuing ringing sounds down the long hallway from which the installation gets its playful name.


The mobile vinyl factory

The rest of the exhibition is a series of canvas paintings of comic book-style onomatopoetic dialogue bubbles (think "Pow!" and "Thwack!"). Instead of the traditional fare, though, he's highlighted only the swishing and slurping sounds depicted by scenes of characters painting.

Provided by The Vinyl Factory, the mobile vinyl press itself is a vintage hydraulic machine now installed in a shipping container outside the White Cube Gallery premeses. Visitors will have the chance to buy limited edition records literally hot off the presses for £25.00 each.

The mobile vinyl factory inside a shipping container

Click here to learn more about the exhibition, and here to learn more about Christian Marclay.


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