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This Holographic Glitch Art Looks Like an Iridescent Oil Slick

Hamburg-based NobleNorse Studio's 'Holographic glitch.' image series channels Joy Division album art and moiré patterns.
Images courtesy the artists, via

The Hamburg-based NobleNorse Studio specializes in what they call "contemporary design services," a term that becomes apparent in firm's latest personal project, Holographic glitch. Created with the support of Glitché, the so-called series of "Self-initiated studies creating glitched and destroyed digital art based on holographic material," as the artists describe it look at once like the illusory smartphone images of Simon Pyle, Radiohead's Kinect-based video, and Peter Saville's iconic Joy Division album art. While details on the project are sparse, the moiré effect-inducing themselves are fascinating imaginings of how light effects like iridescence can be represented on-screen.


Below, check out more of NobleNorse Studio's Holographic glitch. series.

Visit Behance to check out NobleNorse Studio's entire Holographic glitch. series.


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