'Nasty Woman' PJs Are the Perfect Art Basel Souvenir

The NADA Shop at the Deauville Beach Resort offers wearable works that won't break the bank.
December 4, 2016, 12:40pm
Eve Fowler By. That. Time Drenched. By That. Time

Sadie Laska, Nasty Woman, 2016. Pajama Top, $92, Pajama Bottom, $92. Images courtesy NADA

If you're at Art Week Miami and looking for a memento that won't cost a year's rent, look no further than the NADA Shop. The New Art Dealers Association is holed up at the Deauville Beach Resort through December 4, offering dozens of young galleries from LA to Tokyo a Miami foothold. The NADA Shop sells everyday objects designed by artists for art enthusiasts without a trust fund.

This year's options include a 500-piece jigsaw puzzle that forms one of John McAllister's trademark paintings of paintings, plus a new set from custom couture company Print All Over Me's (PAOM) Artist Editions. McAllister's Be adrift glimmery captures a vibrant pink and blue sunset bordered by palm trees, ideal to remember Miami by. NADA is distributing an edition of 150 puzzles in collaboration with Artspace for $200 each. Among PAOM's wearable artworks are Sadie Laska's irreverent Nasty Woman pajamas, emblazoned with crude drawings of genitalia and Donald Trump quotes.

Be adrift glimmery, 2016 John McAllister, 500-piece cardboard jigsaw puzzle, 18 x 24 in. Edition of 150 $200. Courtesy of the artist and James Fuentes

"I decided to make a pair of pajamas for the collaboration with NADA because I literally can't sleep at night," Laska tells The Creators Project. "I'm sick over Trump's objectification of women, his 'locker room' banter, his incestuous joke about his daughter, calling women dogs and rating them on their beauty. This is our idiot president-elect folks—and I feel so angry I want to kick him in his balls. So I tried to put that all onto the pajamas." Sharp-eyed viewers will notice that there's something hanging from the waistband of the pajama bottoms. This empowers the wearer, Laska explains. "Like, I can have a dick, too, or maybe he's a dick. There's a dick to illustrate the male aggression his words evoke—the emblem of maleness, the sign of patriarchy and I want to own it, diminish it, then burn it all down and maybe sleep a little better at night."

PAOM also has a linen throw version of Laska's Nasty Woman, as well as throws designed by Eve Fowler, and a shirt and bucket hat combo by Alex Becerra called Lexus of Inglewood. Check out more from the NADA Shop below.

Sadie Laska, Nobody Respects Women More Than I Do, 2016. Linen Throw $70

All. The. Time. Me. Extra. My. Baby, 2016. Linen Throw Edition of 50 $70

Alex Becerra, Lexus of Inglewood, 2016. T-Shirt Edition of 50 $60

Visit the NADA Shop at the Deauville Beach Resort in Miami Beach through December 4, or shop it online.


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