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Ogle These Fluorescent, Face-Melting Paintings

Oliver Hibert's highlighter-hued figure drawings evoke an organized acid trip.
Images courtesy the artist

Bold, bright, fluorescent rainbows dissolve into pared-down, minimal figure paintings in Scottsdale, AZ-based artist Oliver Hibert's escapist images. His sleek, multicolored artwork is an electric escape from the muted tones of everyday, urban life.

Hibert's clean, well-formulated psychedelic imagery reads like handwritten notes from an acid trip that have been typed up neatly on 8 1/2 x 11" printer paper the morning after. He examines the human form interacting with far-out imagery of skeletons, snakes, and aliens. "I like to express a timeless mystery, messages to figure out, almost like hieroglyphics," he tells The Creators Project. "Art is most powerful if it can take you away to a place that you have never been before and if you can escape."


Like any good escape, Hibert's paintings require immense planning. "By the time I actually start painting a piece, I already know exactly what it will look like," he says. Hibert iterates by sketching each piece, tests it on the computer to nail the colors and ratios, then either carbon copy draws or projects the design onto canvas.

In December, Hibert released a secret arcana tarot deck of 22 cards with original designs in his style. Now, he's working on more paintings and experimenting with video. Check out his paintings and tarot cards below:

See more of Oliver Hibert's work on his website.


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