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Real-Life Chris Pratt Attacked by (Prank) Dinosaurs

A filmmaker found a way to scare the shit out of Chris Pratt.
June 15, 2015, 7:11pm

Don't let his alpha-raptor status fool you—Chris Pratt is just as scared of dinosaurs as anyone else. Fresh off a great opening weekend for the record-setting blockbuster Jurassic World, Pratt reprised his role as dino-wrangler a little sooner than expected today when he was cornered by two "dinosaurs" while walking down a cramped hallway. Moments before he would've been eaten, however, the pair revealed themselves to be nothing more than a couple of pranksters with a hidden camera.

The YouTuber behind the stunt was Polish filmmaker Sylwester Wardega, the same man who made last year's viral hit Mutant Giant Spider Dog. To his credit, Pratt took Wardega's prank in stride, and responded basically how you'd imagine him to, saying "you motherfuckers got me good" and "how do you say 'fuck you' in Polish?" No word yet on whether he's already reconsidering signing onto the inevitably lucrative Jurassic World sequel.