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C.J. Spillman, Safety, Twice Accused of Sexual Assault

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Position: Safety
Height / Weight: 6'0 / 199 lbs
College: Marshall University
NFL draft: Undrafted free agent
Career history: San Diego Chargers (2009–2010), San Francisco 49ers (2010–2013), Dallas Cowboys (2014)

In December 2013, an anonymous woman accused C.J. Spillman of sexual assault in Santa Clara, CA. According to a police report filed with the Santa Clara Police Department, the alleged victim was a massage therapist who told police that Spillman sexually assaulted her during a scheduled appointment. According to the report, Spillman continuously tried to grab the alleged victim while she was giving him a massage, attempting to grab her arms and force her to touch his penis. After she told him "that stuff doesn't happen in here," Spillman rolled over onto his back, revealing that his penis was "visibly erect."


According to the police report, Spillman tried to grab her again and she told him not to do that. Then, she alleged, he pulled down her shirt, exposing her breasts, and sucked on her nipple. She again told him to stop, and he started rubbing her vagina through her sweatpants. She said he then put his hand down her pants, and she asked him, "What do you think you're doing?" The alleged victim stated that Spillman then stood up and tried to remove her pants, pinned her to the ground, and tried to insert his penis into her mouth. After she finally managed to escape, Spillman paid for the massage and left. Throughout the alleged attack, she said, she told Spillman, "this is not happening," "stop," and "get the F off me."

According to the police report, Spillman told police that he thought the encounter was consensual. "She was touching on me and I was touching on her," he said. He said that he thought the alleged victim "was about to" have an orgasm while he rubbed her vagina outside of her pants. He denied pinning her down. He was never arrested or charged in the case.

On September 20, 2014, Spillman was accused of raping a woman at the Cowboys' team hotel in Grapevine, TX. According to a statement issued by the alleged victim's lawyer, Gloria Allred, the alleged victim filed a report with the Grapevine Police. According to the New York Daily News, Spillman was allowed to play in a game on September 21. According to Allred, although she notified NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell's office of the alleged assault six days after it occurred, the NFL did not impose any disciplinary action against Spillman.

On June 29, 2015, Spillman was indicted by a grand jury for sexual assault; the next day, a warrant was issued for his arrest. He was released on $15,000 bond and ordered to abstain from controlled substances and cannabinoids as a condition of his bond. Court documents obtained by Broadly show that Spillman violated that condition when three different drug tests over the course of six weeks returned positive results for cocaine and/or opiates.

He signed a one-year contract with the Dallas Cowboys in 2014 before the season began and before the alleged assault in 2014 occurred. He is currently a free agent. The case is currently awaiting trial.

Spillman did not return Broadly's request for comment.