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When Was the Last Time You Fell In Love… With a Game?

No, I’m not being cheeky. ‘Prey’ has me singing its… praises.
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If you've listened to our podcast lately, you'll know that several of us have a sweet spot for Prey, Arkane's immersive sim in space. And you definitely know that I'm pretty much in love with the game—I have never in my life, as a queer, sci-fi adoring, immersive-sim doting lady, been this catered to in a AAA game. The closest ever was… maybe Mass Effect 2? And I'm not really that into BioWare-style RPGs, to be honest, it was just the first time I played something where I could actually be a space lesbian. (I played the second game first, then immediately played Mass Effect 1, then went through the second as a Liara ride-or-die.)


But this isn't just checking off boxes, so to speak. I really love exploring this madhouse of a space station, with its believable cast of characters—full of mostly Alien-style working stiffs just trying to get by in a terrible situation, brought on by amoral scientists and shitty, invisible corporate overlords. There are believable romances, workplace rivalries, and yep, D&D campaigns. There are signs of life here, and goddamn if I'm not going way out of my way to get to know these people, and help survivors in any way that I can.

Case in point: I'm something like 34 hours in and not even close to the end. I want to see every last detail, bring every last quest to its conclusion.

I would say it's been a long, long time since a game drew me in this much, but, uh, it happened very recently with Breath of the Wild. But before that? Years. Don't get me wrong, I have enjoyed the hell out of plenty of games—but this is something special.This feels kind of like sunshine on a cloudy day, you know?

When was the last time you really fell head over heels for a game? Something you wanted to play every last drop of? Or am I sipping the Typhon Kool Aid here?

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