81% of Fyre Festival Attendees Applying for Refunds Want to Go Again Next Year

Festival co-founder Billy McFarland shared the information amidst news of a major lawsuit being filed against the festival.
May 3, 2017, 6:43pm
Photo of dinner at Fyre Festival courtesy of Trevor DeHaas/Twitter.

People paid up to $100,000 to go to Fyre Festival this past weekend, a luxury event in the Bahamas organized by Ja Rule, so it makes sense that they were frustrated when it devolved into complete chaos. As we all know by now, their dissatisfaction quickly went viral, and by Sunday attendees had filed a $100 million lawsuit against its organizers.

As if the story couldn't get any weirder, it seems like some of the patrons didn't mind—or possibly even liked—the experience, which one attendee described to THUMP as a "disorganized free-for-all with ham and cheese sandwiches." In an interview with Rolling Stone on Monday, festival co-founder Billy McFarland said that "currently 81% of guests who have filled out the refund application have said they would like to attend Fyre Festival 2018." Why on earth they'd want to do that, we really don't know.

Previously, McFarland said that they were "a little naive" and vowed to bring the festival back next year.

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