9 Coordinated Spotlight Performances Illuminate Sublime Geometry


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9 Coordinated Spotlight Performances Illuminate Sublime Geometry

A festival of immersive light shows from Japanese art collective teamLab is coming to Tokyo this summer.

Swarms of precisely choreographed light beams will create tunnels, vortexes, and building-sized instruments made from light at a massive art festival this summer. Throughout nine different installations, Japanese tech art collective teamLab make innovative and satisfying use of the humble spotlight for the show, called Jungle and Future Park, which opens July 28.

Each installation is made up of straight lines cast from powerful theater lamps, programmed to create different immersive and satisfying shapes. Light Cave uses 12 columns of lamps to make a huge canopy of light visitors can dance and party beneath. Carry in the Sun and Throw in the Moon are teamLab's answer to the disco ball, with dozens of lights gravitating around transparent balls, rather than a single beam reflecting off a mirrored one. The Light Chords installation can sense when you're touching its beams and plays a sound in response, making the entire room into a massive musical instrument.


Jungle and Future Park will be on display at the Tokyo venue Shibuya Hikarie to celebrate its five-year anniversary July 28–September 10. Check out the whole set of light beam installations below, and visit the website to learn about other works like an interactive ball pit and a fireworks slide here.

Light Vortex

Crows are Chased and the Chasing Crows are Destined to be Chased as well, Life on Collision - 1 Crow where 3 Light Rays Cross

Light Chords

Carry in the Sun

Light Shell

Throw in the Moon