65 Phrases Taylor Swift Should Totes Trademark
Photo by Axelle / Bauer-Griffin / FilmMagic

65 Phrases Taylor Swift Should Totes Trademark

The pop star has already filed for the rights to phrases like "this sick beat"™, but there are so many more that should belong to her!
August 17, 2018, 4:00pm

In the past, Taylor Swift has aggressively tried, and in some cases succeeded, in trademarking key phrases, lyrics, and words associated with her music and her #brand. She has sought trademarks for “Party Like It’s 1989”™, “Swiftie”™, “Swifties”™, “This Sick Beat”™, “‘Cause We Never Go Out of Style,”™, “Nice to Meet You, Where You Been?”™, “Could Show You Incredible Things”™, “Reputation”™, and “The Old Taylor Can’t Come to The Phone Right Now”™. According to TMZ, she even tried to trademark the names of her cats, “Meredith & Olivia Swift”™. Her legal team has gone after Etsy accounts selling homemade, unofficial Taylor merch, from t-shirts to Christmas stockings.


As famously ardent supporters of Taylor Swift and her late-capitalism-inspired brand of copyrighted feminism, we here at Noisey salute her in this endeavor! However, we worry. There are other unclaimed phrases floating around that people have come to associate with the Swiftian lifestyle. Any ol’ poor person off the street could just blurt these out, lawsuit-free!

So in an effort to help Taylor own the vast chunk of the English language that rightfully belongs to her, we’ve listed off a number of words and phrases that we believe she would have a strong case in owning the rights to. Hope this helps!

“It’s wine o’clock.”

“I’d like to speak to the manager.”

“Ugh, Ryan Gosling. Such a babe.”

“As a Sagittarius…”

“Dammit, Karen!”

“OK, first of all…”

“I found out about it on Refinery.”

“Dance like no one is watching.”


“OK but the dad from Get Out was right. I would have voted for Obama again!”

"No offense but…"

"Bonding sesh."

“Can I get one order of that but can you tell them not spicy?”


"My trainer says…"

“I need my getting-ready-to-go out mix!"

“I like you a latte.”

"Let's moodboard it!"

“Yassss Kween.”

"Sorry, no."


“My horoscope says…”

"I can't do dairy."

"Is it fall yet?"


“Feminism for the win!”


"Do you know the wifi password?"


"Girls night in."

"Can you not?"


“I have a sensitive stomach.”

"I legit don't care."

"Girl boss."

“Not to get political but…”



“I voted for Chillary.”

"I thought I was being nice."


“Cat lady AF.”

“Delete that.”


“I was told by Applecare…”


"Over it."

“Bottomless mimosas.”


“It’s fine.”

“But it said 35 minutes on the Seamless app.”

“Rosé all day.”


“I used to listen to this song in middle school!”


“I fucking love hummus.”

"New York, you're OK sometimes."

“What kind of wine goes with smashing the patriarchy?”

“Squad goals.”


“I’m a businesswoman.”

“Sorry not sorry.”

"So comfy."

“Oh, barf!”

“Ummmm subweet much?”

“I said Venti.”

"Hello, officer?"