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We had two LA paparazzi hunt down top Trump officials in D.C.

Paparazzi, meet Education Secretary Betsy DeVos: "Betsy, why'd you cut the budget so crazy?"

In Los Angeles, celebrities are constantly pursued by camera-wielding photographers snapping photos and yelling questions. Things are a bit more tame in Washington, D.C., when it comes to the political celebrities who regularly walk the streets of the district.

High-level Cabinet officials and politicians are mostly left alone when they are out in public. While the corridors of the U.S. Capitol can be a media gauntlet, outside of predetermined media availabilities high-powered officials can usually go about their business without worrying too much.

So VICE News decided to make things slightly more uncomfortable for the people who make some of the country’s most important decisions by taking the LA-based paparazzi and bringing them to Washington. "This is going to be interesting to see how they're going to react," said Vladimir "Dutch" Labissiere, a paparazzo from Los Angeles.

The photographers found out that while you can find these people in D.C., it’s still hard to get them to answer any questions.

This segment originally aired August 30, 2018 on VICE News Tonight on HBO.