Watch Thieves Casually Steal $27,000 of Mac Gear from an Apple Store

They just jog around grabbing computers while everyone inside watches.
July 12, 2018, 6:43pm
Screengrab via KTVU / YouTube

California police have released surveillance footage of four thieves stealing thousands of dollars' worth of laptops and phones from a Fresno Apple store, CBS News reports, and the whole thing looks like the chillest heist ever.

Last Saturday morning, the robbers allegedly strolled into the crowded store, scooped as many pieces of electronics off the display tables as their arms could carry, and then just casually jogged out as the Apple customers and staff looked on, completely dumbfounded. A few people who seemed particularly unfazed never even stood up from their seats.

This was no elaborate movie-style heist—there were no fancy costumes or daring high-speed acrobatics or heroic employees stepping in to foil the plan or whatever. All it took was about 30 seconds to boost roughly $27,000-worth of Apple gear and split. Judging from the CCTV footage, they probably didn't even work up a sweat:

"All the witnesses were very clear that all the suspects were very aggressive, and it was a sort of takeover style theft," Fresno Police Lt. Rob Beckwith told CBS, though no one looks particularly scared in the video, just vaguely baffled by the robbery unfolding around them. Only one woman, captured in the lower right-hand corner of the video footage, seemed to respond the right way to the whole ordeal—she stood up and got the hell out of there, fast.

Police are offering a cash reward for any tips that could lead them to the thieves, though it's unclear exactly how much money they're putting up. Maybe they could sweeten the deal with a little Apple store credit while they're at it. As of now, the chill-ass thieves are currently on the loose, presumably kicking back somewhere on a throne made of Macbook Airs, giggling about how monumentally easy the heist was.

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