Asking for a Friend: Sex Education in India

In the episode, we meet those who go against the norm in India to bring sex education to various communities and intrinsically tie it to understanding one's body, rights and identity.

This July, we’re heating things up with Sex-Rated: The VICE Guide to Sex in India. Come with us as we dive deep into Indian sexuality, as well as cherry-pick some of the best videos and stories about sex from VICE around the world. Read more here.

Sex-Rated: A VICE Guide To Sex In India meets people at the centre of India's sex positive revolution through its most intimate obsessions and explicit moments. With its irreverent host Rytasha Rathore, the four-part series dives into the sexuality of modern India. By probing at uncomfortable conversations that continue only behind closed doors Sex-Rated looks at how throbbing sexual needs coexist with bans and cultural taboos.

We travel to remote parts of Eastern Uttar Pradesh where sex education is helping young girls stand up for themselves, and reflect on how neither parents nor educators can shy away from talking to young ones about sex. We also travel to Asia's largest red light district, Sonagachi in Kolkata to meet sex workers who are asserting the importance of pleasure by openly talking about the rights and responsibilities associated with it, pointing out, that it is never too late to learn about sex through conversations about safety and gender equality.