Our New Podcast Interrogates Australia’s Obsession With Violence

Fear, Romance, Fascination: Across Violent Times we’ll speak to underworld kings, child soldiers, and criminals to explore why humans do brutal things.
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Image by Ben Thomson

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As a nation, violence seems to simultaneously feel necessary, disgusting and fascinating, depending on who is perpetrating it. As an outlaw biker, psychology graduate and the son of Afghan refugees, Mahmood Fazal is interested in the psychology behind violence: what drives someone to commit it, and how does it affects them afterwards?

In his new podcast Violent Times, an extension of his powerful column, Mahmood seeks to deconstruct our relationship to violence— be it criminal, romanticised and state sanctioned.

Across the series Mahmood will speak to former child soldiers, explore Melbourne’s violent graffiti culture, and descend into Japan’s most notorious crime syndicate alongside other stories of violence and its cultural imprint.

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