'There's Bulletproof Glass, And I'm Not Safe': Former FOX Host Speaks Out

In the final episode of season two of "The Scarlet Letter Reports," Amanda Knox speaks with Tamara Holder, who lost her career in television after she made claims against a FOX executive.
Image of Tamara Holder looking directly at the camera in front of a bookshelf.
Screengrab via Broadly video.

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Tamara Holder had worked at FOX News for years as a left-leaning host when, she says, she was locked in an office with a superior who exposed himself and attempted to force her head down. Holder left the company in 2017. But she worked for a year without saying anything about what happened.

After the incident, Holder struggled with what to do; if she spoke out, others warned, she could lose her career in television. She worked in silence for as long as she could but eventually she couldn't take it anymore. "I wasn't okay," Holder says; "I was literally sleeping on my walk-in closet floor… I was losing my mind because I had kept this inside."

When Holder spoke out, her story came in the midst of other allegations of sexual harassment made by other female employees at the media company. The executive who Holder accused was fired, and he sued FOX, claiming he was just a "scapegoat" for its issues with sexual harassment. Holder settled with FOX in court and signed an NDA that she later broke because she felt that her story wasn't being taken seriously.

In the finale of The Scarlet Letter Reports, season 2 with Amanda Knox, Holder opens up about the consequences she has endured for not staying silent, and how today, as a lawyer, she works on behalf of people who've experienced sexual harassment.