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The Best Weed Gifts of 2018 from Women-Run Brands

Soothing balms, a home infusion kit, and even a healing stick for period pain are the hottest items weed-lovers are buying.
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Pot paraphernalia has come a long way from looking like a Deadhead stoner bro sharted out the Monster Energy drink logo on a piece of glass. One of the sweetest payoffs of female entrepreneurs ruling the cannabis industry is that weed accessories are getting reeeeeal cute. So, just in time for the holidays, here are the best gifts for every stoner on your list—all sourced from our fave women-run companies.

elevate jane

Photo courtesy of Elevate Jane

For the Cute Smoker: A Cute Pipe

If you’re buying someone a pipe, don’t play it safe. Get something that will provoke jealous gasps as it’s passed around the stoner circle—like this avocado-shaped pipe, so adorable it could fit right on grandma’s kitchen table. Get it at Elevate Jane, a one-stop online shop for pipes and bongs made from earthy materials like crystals, wood, and seashells.

dank girls

Photo courtesy of Dank Girls

For the Hardcore Stoner: A Next-Level Dab Rig

What do you give to the hardcore stoner who has it all? A mini dab rig that looks like a bowl of friggin ramen, that’s what. It’s one of several you’ll find at Dank Gals —an Asian-American crew stocking the sickest glass in the game. Dabbing wax never looked so delicious.

honey pot vaporizer

Photo courtesy of Leafly

For the Electronic Smoker: A Disposable Vape Pen

Disposable vapes are as discreet and portable as regular vape pens—useful when you’re hanging with your crotchety uncle—except you don’t have to bother with charging batteries, thank god. Honey Pot's vapes, infused with essential oils like basil and chamomile, are the most delicious I’ve ever tasted. While Beboe—aka "the Hermes of cannabis"—just launched a calming CBD-only vape. As for the Juul junkies, get them Essential Pods—CBD-filled cartridges that plug right into Juuls.

wink scrub

Photo courtesy of Wink

For the PMS-ing Spa Queen: CBD Scrubs, Bath Salts, and Balms

I my mind, there are very few people who wouldn’t mind enhancing their self-care with some CBD, a non-psychoactive cannabinoid with anti-inflammation properties. W!NK's creams and scrubs will please even the pickiest spa queen in your life; they also make a great CBD and THC tincture. For those suffering from PMS, Wildflower's magical healing stick and Whoopi and Maya's essential oil-infused cannabis balm are panaceas for period pain.

blunted objects

Photo courtesy of Blunted Objects


For The Bling Queen: Cannabis Jewelry

Blunted Objects makes affordable cannabis jewelry that doesn’t look like you got them at Claire’s and these emerald green leaf earrings are popular among Instagram stoner celebrities. On the higher end, Asche Industries’ rose gold necklaces double as grinders and roach clips—there’s even one shaped like a key.


Photo courtesy of Calivolve

For the Stressed-Out and Sweet-Toothed: CBD Truffles

What if chocolate could soothe you to sleep? Calivolve's delicious, dark chocolate truffles are made with full-spectrum CBD—as well as healing herbs like ashwagandha and energy-boosting maca. The classy packaging makes it suited for your boss, or anyone who likes to kick back at the end of the day with a glass of wine—which it happens to pair excellently.


Photo courtesy of LEVO Oil

For the Kitchen Goddess: A Home Infusion Kit

Everyone can make a weed brownie, but only the brightest and boldest chefs know about cannabis infusion machines. The LEVO II is the most high-tech on the market that transforms botanical ingredients (in this case weed flower) into a smooth oil that can be infused into food dishes. Bonus: It pairs with an app that lets you control it remotely, discover recipes, and calculate temperatures.

monk drinks

Photo courtesy of Monk

For the Mixologist: CBD Tonics

Up your mixologist friend’s cocktail game with this sampler box of CBD tonics from Monk. Containing fresh-pressed juices, herbs, spices, and CBD, these “botanical cocktails” come in refreshing flavors like rosemary orange lemon, and can be drunk on their own for a vibey mood lift—or mixed with alcohol for more of a buzz.

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