Conservatives Are Whining Because No One Wants to Date Them

Apparently it's not easy to get laid in the capital if you're a Republican.
Drew Schwartz
Brooklyn, US
March 5, 2018, 11:00pm
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It must be tough being a Republican when your party's president does things like, say, call African nations "shithole countries," make bizarre phone calls to school shooting survivors, or back up accused domestic abusers and alleged child molesters. Aside from whatever moral quandary Trump is putting conservatives in, he's apparently also responsible for screwing up their love lives, the Washingtonian reports.


A handful of conservatives in DC told the magazine they've been having a real tough go of it since the election. Only instead of living in constant fear of being deported or having to face down white supremacists in the streets, they've just been having a hard time getting laid. According to one unnamed Trump administration official, it's especially hard to land a date if you're affiliated with the White House. Sad!

"A lot of times you’ll connect with someone [on an app] and they’ll Google you, find out you worked for Trump’s campaign, and then it’s pretty much all downhill from there," the official said.

Gutting stuff. Even if you're not associated with the current administration or a MAGA-hat wearing Trump supporter, it can apparently be hard to lock down a date if you lean right. A reporter for a right-wing media outlet told the Washingtonian he recently went out on a date that crashed and burned once the woman noticed some conservative books on his shelf. Even though the guy told her he didn't vote for Trump and considers himself a moderate conservative, she ended things there.

"She was like, 'I have to get out of here. I can’t see you,' and left," he said. "The policies and these things that are attached to the right, whether or not you’re a supporter of Trump, have been pre-supposed on you, and it’s like a black mark."

Other lovelorn Republicans told the Washingtonian they've been getting people to agree to dates by avoiding any mention of their politics or their work at all costs on dating apps—essentially hiding who they really are until they meet someone in person. Some said they've gone out of their way to avoid meeting up with liberals altogether—like one White House staffer who said she won't match with anyone who went to a small liberal arts school, and sticks to swiping right for dudes from the South.


If things are really so hard out there for Republicans looking for love in DC, we hear that dating site for Trump supporters is really struggling to attract new members.

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