A vehicle full of gas canisters was found near Notre Dame cathedral in Paris

The vehicle was found Wednesday morning in one of the most popular tourist areas in Paris, but there were no detonation devices.
September 7, 2016, 2:15pm
Des militaires en patrouille devant Notre-Dame le 14 novembre 2015. (Etienne Rouillon / VICE News)

A vehicle was found with its trunk full of gas tanks not far from the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, according to a report published Wednesday morning by the French newspaper Le Figaro.

The information was subsequently confirmed in several media outlets late Wednesday morning by multiple police sources and those close to the investigation.

Paris' Attorney General responsible for anti-terrorism has subsequently opened an investigation and two people are being held by police.

1.The Notre Dame cathedral. 2.Area where the car was found

3.Paris Police headquarters.

4.Tourist area.


VICE / News Google Maps.

The exact details of the situation are still not known as of Wednesday afternoon, but multiple sources have agreed on the following details:

• A Peugeot 607 car was found on Sunday night in the 5th arrondissement in Paris.

• The vehicle was found not far from the Notre-Dame cathedral in Paris.

• An employee of a bar noticed one of the canisters inside the abandoned vehicle.

• The car didn't have license plates and the hazard lights were blinking.

• The police opened the vehicle and collected several full gas canisters, but without finding connectors between them or an ignition device.

• Two people were arrested between Monday and Wednesday in connection with the situation

The vehicle was found in a tourist center, where there are numerous cafes, hotels, and restaurants. It was also several meters from the Paris police headquarters, one of the most surveilled areas of the city.

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