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Talking Heads: The European Union vs. Russia

VICE News sat down with George Soros to discuss why the EU must wake up and behave as countries indirectly at war with Russia.

VICE News and the New York Review of Books have partnered to create Talking Heads, a series about the big issues of the day as seen by the Review's distinguished contributors.

In this episode of Talking Heads, George Soros discusses his essay "A New Policy to Rescue Ukraine." Soros wrote the essay this month, calling on members of the European Union to behave as countries indirectly at war with Russia and to provide Ukraine with $50 billion to defend itself and kick-start political reforms. Russian President Vladimir Putin's imperial ambition has unintentionally brought into being a new Ukraine that is adamantly opposed to endemic corruption and inefficient government. By offering assistance, Europe can foster an open society in Ukraine and protect itself from Russian aggression.


VICE News sat down with Soros to discuss why it is imperative that the EU wakes up and recognizes that the principles on which it was founded are at stake in Ukraine.

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