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The Interpreters (Part 5)

The Afghan interpreters who risked their lives to work with the US military are now in danger of being abandoned.
July 13, 2014, 9:02pm

The interpreters who worked alongside American and NATO forces in Afghanistan are among our bravest and most loyal allies. They played an essential role in sourcing intelligence and educating Western troops about the local culture. Now they're in danger of being abandoned.

In part 5, VICE News correspondent Ben Anderson goes to Washington, DC to speak with US senators and representatives working to improve the lot of Afghan interpreters. Although this is a bipartisan effort that would seem to have broad-based support in the capital, many interpreters are still not getting the visas they need and were promised, and are forced to remain in Afghanistan fearing for their safety.Anderson then speaks to one of these interpreters. Still in Afghanistan and unable to leave, he fears he will soon be killed after learning that many of the Taliban members he helped Americans arrest and imprison have now been released.

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