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Monthly Horoscope: Aries, February 2019

Welcome to Aquarius season!
January 31, 2019, 4:06pm

The eclipses are behind us and the planets are moving full-steam ahead in February, and you, Aries, are also ready to go!

So ready, in fact, that you’re cutting anyone or any situation loose that’s holding you back. Watch out for a big argument as Mars (your ruling planet) squares off with Pluto, the lord of the underworld, on February 1. Very exciting things are happening in your career, and so many eyes are on you—which is why it’s especially important that you keep your temper under control! It’s great to end situations that no longer work for you, and as tough as you are, Aries, even you have a difficult time letting things or people go. Just remember to be patient and keep your temper in check; make your demands, but be mature about how you handle things.


On February 2, sweet Venus connects with rebellious Uranus—it will be hard to resist being impulsive! But this could manifest as an especially adventurous time in your social life and love life, and unexpected opportunities may come your way! Eureka moments are in the air. On February 3, communication planet Mercury connects with lucky Jupiter, which is an especially wonderful time to branch out, share ideas, and meet new people. Blessings in your career and in your life in public arrive as Venus enters Capricorn—maybe a reward or some recognition! Have you asked for a raise recently?

The new moon in Aquarius arrives on February 4, activating the sector of your chart that rules your social life as well as your hopes and dreams for the future. A new friend circle is entering your life. An inventive energy is in the air, and you’re excited to try new things. On February 7, the sun connects with Jupiter, the planet of expansion, bringing a big boost in confidence and invitations to travel. Exciting conversations take place and news travels quickly as Mercury connects with Mars, also on February 7. Mercury connects with electric Uranus on February 9, another fantastic day to network—plenty of a-ha moments are in the air, too! Mercury is the planet of the mind, and Uranus is the planet of innovation.

So much change is taking place this month—and rapidly, but you will have to slow down and go within, especially when Mercury enters dreamy Pisces on February 10. This will find your intuition particularly activated—make an effort to record your dreams in a journal or indulge in some fantasy novels. Let your mind wander; Mercury in Pisces will find you discovering very interesting things about yourself that you previously weren’t aware of. Secrets will be shared, too!


The beginning of the month is a sensitive time for your fiery, passionate Aries nature, but so is mid-month: February 13 finds Mars meeting with Uranus—which, if the energy isn’t worked with consciously and wisely, can mean an unexpected blow-up. Or, it can be the beginning of an amazing new project that you’re ready to undertake, that will challenge the status quo of your life. The next day, February 14, Mars enters Taurus, creating a very grounding energy.

You’re still your impulsive—and optimistic!—self, but Mars in Taurus will find you more conscious of money and security. An imaginative vibe flows on February 17, when Venus connects with Neptune; a romantic mood is in the air, and this will be especially juicy for you creatively. On February 18, the sun mingles with Uranus, and plenty of new social circles enter the scene this month, but you are all about you and that fearless, independent Aries that we know and love will shine brightly—you're doing your own thing! And you’re sure to meet some eccentric people while you’re doing it, thanks to wild Uranus.

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Also on February 18, Venus meets Saturn, promising the beginning of a beneficial commitment—while this may manifest in any area of your life, your career is where you’re most likely feel it! Also on February 18, Pisces season begins, and it's off to an exciting start: on February 19, there is a full moon (and super moon) in Virgo! Pisces season finds you exhausted—you've had a busy month, meeting so many new people and trying so many new things, and you have so much work to do! This full moon will find you in the middle of all of that—trying to tackle your to-do list, spend time with friends, and sleep. Pisces is the sign of the dreamer, and during its season, we all want to go with the flow—but what you’re learning under the light of this eclipse is that you have to get organized, create a better schedule for yourself, and get real about things like wellness and self-care!

Mercury meets Neptune and connects with Saturn on February 19, making for a wonderfully creative energy that also finds you feeling supported. Plenty of conversation takes place as Mercury clashes with Jupiter on February 22—just watch out for exaggerations! If you’re traveling, take extra care to plan your itinerary, and don’t overbook yourself! Venus meets Pluto on February 22 and the vibe is exquisitely passionate and creative. If you’re doing anything in the public eye, this will be an especially remarkable time to stand out. Important information is shared as Mercury connects with Pluto on February 23, and the sun connects with Mars on February 27, giving you a big boost of energy and helping you sort things out financially, too. Good luck this month and see you in March, Aries!