Maya Jane Coles Wants You to "Werk" on Devious New Single

The UK producer's sophomore album 'Take Flight' is out August 4.
July 21, 2017, 2:25pm
Photo courtesy of artist

Maya Jane Coles' track "What They Say" was always undeniable, but it quickly became one of the most instantly recognizable house grooves in recent memory when Nicki Minaj sampled it for her 2014 single "Truffle Butter." Top 40 prestige clearly didn't give the London producer writer's block though, as her recently announced sophomore LP, Take Flight, clocks in at a whopping 24 songs.

Today we're premiering "Werk," which like many of Coles' best tracks, finds a way to make a catchy, pop-leaning loop sound subliminally haunted. It's a precise feeling, achieved by splicing micro-snippet samples together like puzzle pieces in keen, UK garage-indebted style. A distorted organ that wouldn't sound out of place in psychedelic rock whirrs in the background throughout, making the song's sense of mirthful dread perk up in transfixed attention.


Take Flight will be released August 25 on Coles' own label I/AM/ME.

Take Flight tracklist:

1. Weak
2. Bo & Wing
3. Old Jam
4. Take Flight
5. Darkside (feat. Chelou)
6. Lucky Charm
7. Blackout
8. Unholy
9. A Chemical Affair (feat. Wendy Rae Fowler)
10. Misty Morning (feat. Wendy Rae Fowler)
11. Keep Me Warm (feat. GAPS)
12. Let You Go
13. Won't Let You Down
14. On My Way
15. Go On And Make It Through
16. Cherry Bomb
17. Chasing Sunshine
18. Golden Days
19. Werk
20. Passing Me By
21. Trails
22. Stay
23. Pulse
24. Starlight

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