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This Is the Most Watched Clip in Twitch's History

Fittingly, it's a surprise scare.

Since it was spun out of in 2011, has served as the premier site for people to stream themselves playing and reacting to video games.

In 2016, the site launched its Clips feature, which allows users to cut out and share highlights from those hours-long streams.

On Monday night, Twitch announced that a relatively unknown streamer who goes by the online handle JurassicJunkieLive has broken the record for the most watched clip in the site's history, and fittingly enough, it's a video of him being scared half to death.


Jurassic was playing Outlast 2, a first-person survival horror game set in the Arizona desert. I haven't played this game and probably never will because I played the original and honestly it wasn't worth the stress.

The clip shows that Jurassic is actually handling the spooky vibes pretty well at first, but then his kid got the drop on him:

"My partner went to the shop and got me a Jack Daniels (in a can) and sent my 2 year old daughter up the stairs to give it to me (My office is in the loft)," Jurassic said on Reddit. "Due to my headphones I never heard her enter the room. At this point a crow jumped up in the game and made me scream, I then looked down to see a devil child looking back at me and screamed blue murder."

The Twitch clip has since gained 1,498,217 views. Jurassic had less than 150 followers on Twitch when he recorded it, and he now has 2,800.

And that's kind of the whole Twitch and video game streaming story in a nutshell. The most popular streamers today, like Pewdiepie and Markiplier, got huge while streaming themselves playing horror games like Amnesia: The Dark Descent. As I've written before, it's more fun to watch people play horror games like that than playing them yourself, and Jurassic's comical yelp shows exactly why that is.