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Yesterday on the Internet: Pakistan's Fontgate

A font is now at the center of a political scandal.

It all started with last year’s release of the Panama Papers, which identified three children of Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif as owning undeclared offshore companies and assets, including London real estate.

The Pakistani Supreme Court has ordered an investigation into the matter. The prime minister’s daughter Maryam Nawaz attempted to clear her name by submitting a document that says she doesn’t actually own anything, and that she’s just a trustee. The document is dated 2006, and it’s typed in the Calibri font.

The only problem, according to the court-appointed investigation, is that Calibri was commercially released in 2007, leading them to conclude the documents were forged.

Supporters of the Sharif family argued online the font was actually available in an early beta of Windows Vista in 2004, and the deluge of back-and-forth editing on Calibri’s Wikipedia page led to it being locked down, and starting what Pakistani social media is calling “Fontgate.”