The Fourth Season of 'Black Mirror' Finally Has a Release Date

Ring in the New Year with a horrifying new season of Charlie Brooker's sci-fi anthology series.
December 6, 2017, 5:11pm

After dropping a handful of trailers for new episodes of Black Mirror's upcoming fourth season, Netflix finally announced on Wednesday that Charlie Brooker's reliably exhilarating downer will drop on Friday, December 29—just in time to ring in a future bleaker than 2017.

Way back in August, the streaming service dropped a cryptic season four trailer, giving away just enough to freak people out, but not much else. Then last week, as part of Netflix's "13 Days of Black Mirror," the company released a stream of episode-specific trailers from season four that featured man-hunting dogs, memory-extracting devices, extreme child-safety technology, and even Star Trek.

Wednesday's latest trailer melds all six new dystopian realities together in one existential gut punch, promising the season four release will be an even more depressing way to spend your New Year's Eve than cramming yourself into Times Square like a human sardine just to watch the ball drop.

"It's hard to imagine a bright future. But we can and we must," says a character in the new trailer. But based on the latest season four trailer, Brooker and an all-star team of writers, directors, and actors—including Jodie Foster, Letitia Wright, and Breaking Bad's Jesse Plemons—will be doing their best to disprove that idea.

Check out all the trailer from Black Mirror's upcoming season four below.

Black Mirror returns to Netflix on December 29, 2017.