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Yung Lean's "Red Bottom Sky" Video Is Weird in a Good Way

A chainsaw, a ferret, a magic trunk, some old-timey dudes.
Lauren O'Neill
London, GB
Image via PR

The chillwave Daniel Johnson is back at it again today with a music video for "Red Bottom Sky," one of the standouts from his recently released LP Stranger. The track is like Yung Lean bottled: it's hazy and bouncy, but floating above it all there's a wide-lensed clarity. It's among the best things he's ever done.

The video is a weird as we might hope from Lean (which means very), featuring the man himself at a campfire (there's a chainsaw, idk), before he discovers a weird magical forest trunk which actually turns out to be a secret tunnel to a weird house where some dudes from the past are hanging out. His co-star is a ferret. Watch it above!

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