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10-Year-Old Takes 'Girlfriend' on Nando’s Date, Gets Kicked Out for Being Too Young

10-Year Old Tries to Take Girlfriend on Nando’s Date, Gets Kicked Out for Being Too Young
Photo via Flickr user David McKelvey

When the time comes to take the date of your dreams out for dinner, nowhere says “You’re ace but also we both respect the value of money” quite like Nando’s.

The peri-peri chicken chain, famed for its accessibility and cult-like following from rappers, is the perfect place for any couple to bond over spicy rice and a shared love of grilled meats. Truly, in today's cold and heartless society, is there anything more wholesome than the whisper of sweet nothings over some chips and a medium spicy quarter chicken? No. No, there isn’t.


Unless you’re under the age of 13, in which case, Nando's is firmly a no-chirpse zone.

This week, a ten-year-old boy was kicked out of branch of Nando’s in Scotland while trying to take his “girlfriend” out on a date. According to the Metro, the boy was apparently denied the option of sitting in the restaurant by staff because he was too young, and was forced to relocate the date to a bench outside the Edinburgh restaurant: Nando’s al fresco-style.

The story emerged after the boy’s sister tweeted about the date fail. In a post, which has now been deleted, she wrote, “OMG I can’t! My wee brother is 10-years old and he took his wee ‘gf’ on a date to Nando’s and they didn’t let them sit in cause they had to be 13 so they made them eat a takeaway outside on a bench!! And he paid I cannnnntttttt.”

In response to the tweet, a Nando’s spokesperson told MUNCHIES that the expulsion was due to alcohol licensing laws.

“We know that nobody wants to go on a date with their parents in tow but unfortunately, it’s a legal requirement of our alcohol license in Scotland that all under-13’s must be accompanied by an adult,” the spokesperson said. “We hope that the date went well and we’re sorry if we cramped his style.”

Next time Nando's, just STAY OUT OF IT, OK??? *Storms off to room to play Fortnite*